Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
Illustration for article titled In regards to Mattels new Fast  Furious line: My personal thoughts.

Collector-wise? Aside from maybe a few, such as this Maserati Ghibi, and maybe the larger vehicles like the Navistar(which I might get myself since I don’t think it’d be too far off), this will definitely be a hit or miss for collectors. It really depends on the individual collectors themselves. One collector might be a huge GT40 fan and has many GT40 models in various scales, so they would pick up the GT40 in this line. Another collector might be a big Fast & Furious fan, and gets several of them, probably personal favorites. Another collector might pass on all of them. We all have our own priorities and taste.


Now that I’ve discussed the collecting aspects, let’s get into the toy aspect. As a toy line, this Fast & Furious stuff is....pretty decent. There’s playsets. There’s larger vehicles with actual figures of the characters+action features, and so on. While I don’t really know if marketing a franchise like this as a toy is the best idea, it’s not a bad line as far as toys go. I’ve seen far worse. I think we all have.

Would more detail plus them being 1:64 scale make it more appealing to collectors? Absolutely. The Jada 1:55 F&F models had more detail plus real riders, and were around the same price. I can’t really fault them for using a major franchise license they have. However, it definitely could have been better to where it would appeal to the collectors as well. Just my two cents.

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