Photo: scan of my EV1 brochure

Ah yes, it’s the electric car no one wants to talk about. Let’s talk about it.

Photo: me. This car is located at the College for Creative Studies

It’s a bit of an enigma. With only a handful still in existence, few remember that people were daily driving these 15 years ago. It was the world’s most aerodynamic production car.

As a fuel economy/aero geek, I want a model of one. I’ve got a Tatra T77 by IXO and an UrSaab by PremiumX. I plan to buy a VW XL-1 by Spark and a Honda Insight by Ebbro in due time.


Photo: Scan from my EV1 press packet. This is before they named it the EV1

But what about the poor, forgotten EV1? As far as I can tell, no one has ever sold a scale model of it. But that doesn’t mean no one has ever produced a model. I recently ran across this website which includes some tantalizing clues.


Photo: Kris Trexler,

The cars were developed to some extent at GM Advanced Technology Vehicles (GMATV) in Troy, MI where the photo seems to have been taken. Of course, I seem to have given away my copy of Michael Schnayerson’s EV1 book The Car That Could, which has more detailed info. Who would have known I’d need it again?


I haven’t received an email reply from Mr. Trexler regarding the mysterious photo above, but if I still can’t locate an original model I’ll have to keep searching. Ideally, I’d find an original. If not that, I’d like to commission a model of one (and have already put out a feeler). Last, I may have to just put the precious time in to make one myself. I’ve got a spare block of 20# urethane foam and the following images...


If you know someone who might know someone who might know about an EV1 model, please do let me know!