Yep, believe it or not, it’s STILL not done, :). But look at the prettiness until then.

The entire front lawn area needs coarse-medium ground foam, aka rough looking fake grass. I need it to look a tad bit unkept.

I’m still not done with the pond. It’s nearly half full and each layer takes 24 hours to completely dry. And each layer is about 1/8" thick. So...a patience game.


Originally a river was suppose to run under there. But I would have to lay plaster cloth across it, but it would be higher than the surrounding landscape, which would require other things raised...I figured I’d just let it be.

The pond and it’s current height. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to use the whole bottle of realistic water...sorry co-worker I borrowed the stuff from. You did say it’s was ok to use it all, but I was trying not to, :/


This is one reason I’ve been lackadaisical in getting the pond done. I’ve been adding tall plant life to the north side. I had to use tweezers to place the grass there, fingers are too big for it.

That's all for now! :).