Soon my buddy and I will be departing for the Indy 500. I’ve gone every year since ‘97, and my buddy has come with every year since ‘06.

We’ll be dragging the 1970's behind us in the form of an old avacado green pop-up camper that we (foolishly?) paid $600 for. The weather forecast is really not good for the race tomorrow, so wish us luck in seeing the race. Normally we would be able to stay for Monday if need be, but for personal reasons that’s not an option this year.

Here are my Indy Car/Open wheel shelves. I’ve featured a lot of these in the past, but if you see anything you want better pics of, I’ll try to get to that soon.


Sorry I’ve been pretty absent around here lately. Life and some 1:1 projects have been conspiring against my free time, including getting the camper ready for Indy weekend. School is over next Friday, so I plan to be around more soon.

Update: Camper is loaded, we’re southbound and down.