In 2009, 10, & 11 John Andretti and Richard Petty teamed up with Dreyer & Rienbold racing to run the Indy 500. The cars were all #43 (of course), sporting a great Petty blue/STP orange color scheme, and sponsored by Window World. They never got much in the way of results. The 2011 run was going very well with Andretti slowly working his way into the top ten, and looking very speedy doing it, when his car hit a half full can of beer that some jerk had thrown out onto the track coming out of turn one. I personally witnessed the hit, and from then on Andretti slowly faded to the back with a damaged suspension.

This car is the 2010 version. The model is good, but not great, although for a roughly $40 1:18 model I feel the level of detail is perfectly reasonable.