Big things with little cars

Initial D Tofu Shop Diorama

While not a Tomica product, this has been making its rounds on Tomica collector pages recently, due to the fact that it lends itself nicely to Tomica’s Initial D cars. I finally got my hands on one.

It’s like your typical model kit, except that no glue and paint is required. A bit of scotch tape is required though.


Basically, like Tomicarama without the same level of quality control (if any). I struggled with fitment issues throughout.

But it does have a redeeming quality though:


LEDs illuminate inside and outside the house.

After some frustrating attempts, I consider it completed:


With the correct Tomica vehicle, of course:


Those of you with sharp eyes and good memory will realize that I would have had to move away a few cars in order to accommodate this diorama.

Not to fear... I have added them to my display case:

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