INNO Models: INNO64 Customizable Civic EF w/ decal sheet

I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this newer brand on here. These are my models and I will have my hands on them later this month.

INNO Models is a new brand based in Macau (for those of you who aren’t familar, think of Hong Kong) founded in 2016. They’ve released some 1:18 models but in the past two months, they just rolled out a new series of 1:64 scale models known as INNO64. So far, their casting catalog consists of a Honda, Honda, Honda, and a Honda, with plans later on to release a Honda and a Honda. They are distributed through ToyEast/Tiny from Hong Kong, the same company that also handles the distribution (and in some cases the production) of TSM, Mini GT, Herpa, and Schuco. They may not be marketed outside of Asia but it surprises me that I haven’t heard of this brand on here.


Among their first four 1:64 models were three Civic EF hatchbacks in Motul and Idemitsu racing livery plus a customizable plain white version, as well as a Civic EG9 casting in JACCS livery. All of their models feature a frosted clear base. Here is a promotional video from Facebook featuring the customizable plain white model I have picked up that comes with two decal sheets for you to customize your very own 1:64 Honda Civic. At a starting price of $129 HKD, that’s 10 HKD ($1.25 USD) less than Tarmac Works.

Image: Stock Photo (RideOn Minicar Shop)

The team over at DiecastSociety completed a review of these models earlier this week. The black customizable EF and BP EG9 shown in their review were special models released exclusively for the Hong Kong Toy Festival in June.

In their upcoming casting catalog, they will be adding the Integra DC5 Type R and Civic FD2 Type R. Prototypes have been made for what looks like a Honda Fit and something oddly different. There should also be an Accord in there somewhere in the future, possibly in larger scale.


The two models pictured above are the two I preordered that my dad’s friend helped pick up in Hong Kong. He has a flight tonight and will be picking them up soon, returning with them by the end of the month. I’ll get more pictures of these models then. And no, my extra is not available for HWEP. I’m keeping one plain for display and the other one will be used to replicate the ole’ white Civic hatchback we owned back in the day.

Yeah that’s me. Yeah I’m pretty young.

Bonus: I’m also waiting on these

Also waiting on the Mini GT Championship White FK8 which is kinda holding back some other preordered items.
I was worried I wouldn’t find this one. Reminiscent of my all-time favorite Mine’s livery. I actually found it for cheaper ($5) here in the US and will decide which piece will be DLM’d once it arrives.

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