Big things with little cars

So I'd been thinking I should try this Instagram thing that all the cool kids are talking about. I may or may not have created an account quite a while ago, but yesterday I got an email saying my account may have been compromised, so I should reset my password. Lo, and behold, there was an account with my name and email address attached to it, so I must have created it a while back, probably when I was trying things out when I first got a smartphone. This account had a profile pic that definitely wasn't me and was following 3 random accounts. Dunno what was going on there, but I changed the password and now it's mine.

Now I figure I need some people to follow. Naturally, I have followed the official LaLD account, but I'm not going through all 3000+ LaLD followers to find you guys. So here's the deal, you post your Instagram account and I'll follow you.


Of course, if you want to see the 2 pictures on my account, you can find me right here!

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