Help me out, I need some input on how to make the LaLD Instagram even better!

This morning I got a comment from a follower challenging why I hadn’t given credit to the photographer. The pic in question belongs to Tinfoil, who’s gained quite the following on IG in his own right. The commenter recognized Tinfoils work and asked why I hadn’t given him any credit. Truth be told I had, of course I did!

However, maybe the way I’ve been giving credit isnt all that obvious. I “tag” people in their posts if I know they have their own personal Instagram account.

For example, SaiMae is tagged in the cockpit of the Gallardo, which is killing it by the way with 125 likes in just over 2 hours!


But, the tag icon goes away after viewing the pic did a few seconds on your feed.

Unless you single-tap on the pic, you won’t see who is tagged.

So my question to you guys is, how do you want to receive credit for your pics that I share? Does this method work for you? Would you rather I do something like “pic by @saimae325" in the caption?


I want Instagramers to know that these pics came from posts on LaLD and not to think that we’re some sort of reposter that plays favorites.

As I mentioned in the 10k post the other day, the LaLD Instagram hasn’t always given us the return on investment I was hoping for. I’ve come to realize that most Instagram users like to scroll through their feed and give a double-tap for a like. They aren’t always interested in where the pic came from or who took it. I can’t embed links so I can’t redirect people back exactly to your LaLD post as I can on Twitter or Facebook. I tried pasting the links in the comments but Kinja makes them unbearably long. I experimented with Tiny URL but that still didn’t necessarily boost page views. With 10k followers you would think our Kinja page views would crack more than 100.

So long story short (which would be even shorter if I didn’t say long story short, I hate that cliche!), I want to give LaLDers the chance to boost their personal IG’s by giving visible credit. I also want to kick more people back to the site and grow our community.


Let me know what you think!

Bonus question: what’s your stance on the hashtags? Is it too much? Enjoy some commentary from Enginerrrrr and philipilihp too lol