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Intel roundup, feat. overrated castings

It’s been awhile since the last drop, and boy have I been waiting for some. But let’s get some things out of the way:


Yes, we’re getting the Bel-Air Gasser and Bluebird Wagon back in the mainline, with the latter becoming a Super...again.

(deep down though, this may be my only chance at getting a 510 Wagon and a decent Bel-Air Gasser with a livery that I like)

Advertisement’s the Dodge Challenger Demon as a Super. It looks snazzy, but can it dunk on the Majorette version?


We also finally get to see the second batch of Fast and Furious cars, featuring the VW Jetta and Mitsubishi Eclipse, which make their debut on Mattel. Please come to the mainline, both of you.


Something that is also coming is the Chrysler Pacifica, seen here given the overland treatment (hi Hammerhead Fistpunch!). While I don’t really approve of the HW Racing livery (will wait for a Mopar deco), this is a well-done casting, with such a unique aura to it.

There are also a great many new cars and recolors coming right after F case, some of which you can see some pre-pro cutaways of. Some highlights:


You’ve also probably seen the recently-announced collaboration with Supreme, sold exclusively on the Supreme website.


Why the E30 M3, though?

I guess it is pertinent to leave you with this unboxing of a special Magnus Walker 964 set. Just to rub the taste off.

That’s it for this roundup. Who knows what the next couple of weeks will bring?

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