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Inter///Mission - Close look at the 1:8 Ford F-100 by Salvat

Salvat is an editorial group much like DeAgostini, and their collections are sold on several news stands in Brazil and Europe. They recently launched a 100-edition Ford F-100 in 1:8 scale. The model is perfect that it has horns, illuminated dashboard, headlights and tail lights that light up when you depress the brakes.

Each edition comes with a few parts, so you must buy them at the news stand each week. Alternatively, it’s possible to subscribe directly to Salvat and receive the editions at home.

A Brazilian car channel on YouTube recently did this amazing hands-on video (in Portuguese).

I do want it a lot! But for more than R$4.5k at the end (more than $1k USD), it’s waaaay out of my league.


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