I’ve been crazy busy lately. Too much going on with work and the cat shelter. That doesn’t mean I’m not hunting though :) I finally scored my 1:64 grail car and I will shoot pics of that soon. But, here we have a curious sighting on eBay. It appears someone took a Majorette Citroen GS and made a cast of the entire car so they could make plastic candy containers. Genius? Crazy? Probably a little of both.

Image: ebay seller (ebay)

This past Sunday was the first time I’ve been able to dedicate a few hours to customs in a long time. I finally did some experimenting with baked paint finishes and I am really happy with the initial results. More on that soon when I can take some pics and post.

Thanks for a great Running of the Bulls week! It was awesome to see all of your amazing Lambos.