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Interesting Hawl [HWEPs Available!]

I went back (finally) to the toy store with old Hot Wheels that I frequent, and came away with a pretty varied bunch of cars. Most are up for HWEP, so let me know if anything interests you!

Here’s the lineup:

  • Panoz LMP1 Roadster - I’m a sucker for racecars, so this had to come home with me!
  • Lakester in Mooneyes livery - I figured someone would be intersted in mooneyes, and this thing is heavy!
  • 1935 Cadillac - Just an awesome casting.
  • Auburn - What can I say, I’m in a pre-war mood! Plus, the tampos are great!
  • Ferrari 250 - I’ve been looking for one for a while so I’m glad to finally find one.
  • ‘32 Ford Delivery - Mostly a wheel donor...
  • Shelby Cobra - Love this casting.
  • Hiway Hauler - It’s the oldest HW I’ve found on the card, from 1991!
  • Dark Series Rigor-Motor - Just weird. I’ve never seen these wheels before! Does anyone have any info on this car or series?

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