For the first time ever, I saw a “dump bin” at Target. It wasn’t the same ones Walmart has - it was a multipurpose red mesh container that Target uses. And, they had two sets of stocked pegs - one in the standard location and another on an end cap. I’ve never seen so many Hot Wheels at Target. They either received a huge shipment for Black Friday, or they’ve been holding out on me.

Anyway, I see a collector I’ve met before checking the dump bin. He was there first, so he go first dibs. Unexpectedly, he shows me a Mountain Mauler TH and asks if I want it. The plastic is partially detached from the card, and he didn’t wanna mess with it. I took it!

That’s a well-camouflaged Treasure Hunt symbol.
Plastic separating from the card, but no damage to either one.

I also found several of the Target exclusive Red Edition, a Fairlady, Speedy Perez, and a Käfer. The Carbonator came from Walmart. I bought duplicates, so these are all up for trade if anyone wants them.


Available for trade...