Image: Sn210

We had so much fun with Sn210(Scott N.) when he was on the podcast as a guest that I felt it necessary to have him on the program during the breaks. You might wonder “why on earth do these guys need breaks?” The answer is technical. Right now we are using a free-to-me platform that cuts us off at 40 minutes. So, by the time we open up the “room” we chat amongst ourselves and with our guests, then I do the countdown to recording, you know to give Lloyd time to finish up whatever snack he’s eating, and before you know it, we have 2 minutes left. So we take a break and then reopen a new “room” and hit the record button and finish up the podcast.

Scott and I decided we could get together apart from the other guys to discuss things specific to LaLD and not take away from the guest’s time. So, in upcoming episodes, you should expect some interludes with Scott. Let us know how you like it.

Did you ever wonder what Scott looks like? It turns out he has no head. I don’t know how he does it. Life.