Sunday I posted a random older picture from my phone as an Hour Rule. It just happened to be a favorite casting, the HW ‘70 Chevelle racer. Tuesday I posted a uTesday picture of an M2 El Camino. The vast majority of my utes are Elkies, so it’s not so weird that it was a 1970 Chevelle platform car. Yesterday, I posted a HW ‘70 Chevelle wagon for Wagon Wednesday. Again, it’s a favorite casting that I recently acquired, so not strange at all that I would feature it. However, I swear that I did not intend to have 3 posts in a row featuring Chevelles on my windowsill (full disclosure: they are not all on the same windowsill). But hey, as themes go, one could do much worse, so I’m just running with it here.

I could very easily commit to doing a full week of 1970 Chevelles without repeating a casting, but I’ve got a new ‘69 that I want to feature, so I’m not going to limit myself in that way.

Anyway, since I did not post on Monday, I thought I’d feature two cars today to make up for it. These both come from M2. The blue car is from the Ground Pounders and I purchased it a few years ago. The pink car is the recent Detroit Muscle release.


You can clearly see in these pics how the Ground Pounders slightly exaggerates the dimensions. I tend to avoid tooned cars, but these are just under the limit for me - partly because I find the big tires and engine mods on the Ground Pounders series very pleasing. They are still nicely detailed, despite the black windows and lack of interior. The lack of opening features (aside from hood) does mean that there are fewer opportunities for QC issues. I have been pretty happy with M2 QC overall, but the pink car has a slightly wonky passenger door.


Dat booty!

2nd generation Chevelle is best Chevelle, and I like the front end style of the 1970 the best.


I can’t say no to a supercharger.

Thanks for looking! I’ll be back tomorrow, probably with a Greenlight, but I reserve the right to change my mind.