Back with more Tomica Intel, this time on the mainline offerings.

Some releases are arriving as early as May (even though a few I wish they reconsider), the helicopter and cargo truck is insipid to me and I do have to constantly remind myself the mainline is mainly kids focused rather than collectors focused so its a bad habit still struggling to break. The Honda N-Box Kei car is okay, the Toyota GR Sport Prius is interesting, the Suzuki Swift Sport and the FK8 Type R will be pretty popular among everyone. Off on a tangent, Tomica will be the second diecast company to make a 1/64 FK8 Type R with Mini GT being first and Tarmac Works will be making their version soon which is currently in development phase.

Following the mystery car for August in the Premium Line, the mainline also have a mystery in the same month and in my previous post I mentioned a possibility of a “modern Italian.”


I’m no Sherlock Holmes but the evidence seems very compelling. I’m also expecting a fellow LaLDer jumping out of his skin from this revelation.


That’s all for now. Until next time. Cheers.