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Introducing Lake Pothole

Lake Pothole is a very secluded seasonal lake. As its location is top secret these are most likely the first ever published images.

Enough of this stupidity! Went to a toy fair and swapped some money for a few new/old casts. I’ll do my best to post them all soon.


I also picked up a couple of the Ruff Trek version of the Holden UTE!! by Matchbox recently but in better condition. This one is a future resto/custom. The boat and (bent) trailer are also from MBX.


The half cab sits pretty low in the water so it’s best used on calm seas or in land lakes/baths.


Below is a clip from ‘The Castle’, a documentary on life in Australia in the late ‘80s/early 90's, just before the internets. There’s a short glimpse of a similar scenic sight of a lake just like the one in the clip. Enjoy

Happy weekend everyone!

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