Big things with little cars

Seems Greenlight is further expanding their lineup...which already includes large International trucks, licensed towable camper trailers, heavy duty pickups, TV and movie cars/trucks, and licensed police include farm equipment!

Introducing Down On The Farm Series 1. A series of 1:64 scale tractors of various vintage. Four of the six are officially licensed Ford tractors, two of their iconic 8N, 1947 (white/red) and 1949 (white/blue), and the 5610, 1982 in blue/black and 1988 in yellow/white with an enclosed cab.


The other two are unlicensed, but also are in regular and enclosed versions.

Since Ford no longer manufacturers tractors, the licensing for these models was likely acquired from CNH Global, which owns New Holland, Case IH, and Steyr.

Interestingly, the two apparently unlicensed tractors look very similar to the International Harvester 3488, the licensing for which would also be held by CNH Global. Perhaps these two are actually early versions with the licensing not yet secured, and will eventually be released as licensed IH models?

Either way, these tractors should be great to haul with GL’s Hitch & Tow flatbeds.

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