Big things with little cars

Yesterday I finally was able to crack open the mold from my iron casting class (we poured the molds last saturday). And my mold was a sucess!


You may temember that i used a battered 1/18 Checker Marathon cab to create a 4-part resin sand mold. Mine was the most complicated mold in the class. But hey, go big or go home.

In the pics above the cleanup and grinding has been done, and it has been treated with oil to prevent flash rust. In the end it weighs almost 30 lbs.


The diecast is the same type cast, but not the one i pulled the mold from as that one is now a mess. It isn’t perfect, but given it was my first attempt at this, im super happy with how it came out.

Cast just after being cracked out of the mold.
Casting powerwashed and with casting sprues cut off the bottom.
Mold flash mostly cut/ground off, with final cleanup still to be done.

Bonus shot of my partner pouring iron. She cast a couple pieces of her own.

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