Big things with little cars

I don’t believe anyone has posted an entry yet for the off-road Lambo contest. (Should be easy to win if you’re the only entry)

Here’s the original post with the rules.


And I chose to be the judge to make sure everyone had a chance at winning. Spending too much $ on a Kyosho Urraco like I made will not get you the win. I’d rather see creativity that cost a buck.

If no one enters, I’ll gladly keep the trophy and tell my friends I won it. Lol

And if you’re not on Instagram... Here’s how bad my zamac junkyard has gotten.

Edit!!! It seems LaLD is no more. Sad. The contest is still on I'm on Instagram as @noodles.lald and I just joined drivetribe ad Noodles D Cat. I'd rather the trophy goes to one of you guys, so I'm not going to announce the contest on any other website. Just make sure I see your build, and I'll make sure the right person gets the prize.

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