Ok, a bunch of you know that I am real particular about my scale. I prefer real 1:64 scale, or something that will look like it blends it. Well, punkgoose17 (awesome name, btw) asked me if some of the smaller HWs or MBXs (like a beetle) would blend in with the true 1:64 scale. I'm surprised as to what I found.

Below is an pic of a HW beetle and a HW mustang. The stang, like most HWs, is made to fit the track. Surprisingly, the beetle isn't, it had more play area than the mustang.

Here's a M2 beetle and a HWs one. I should inform you that the M2 beetke is not 1/64 scale. I've compared it to my JL PT Cruiser, which is to scale, and it's larger, despite in 1:1 it should be shorter. The M2 bug does blend in pretty well though, so I'll use it as a base. The HW and the M2 are really similar in width and front dimensions.


Here it is with the wide mustang.


Side profile is near spot on as well.

Top is good too.


So there you have it, some HW cars can blend in with other true 1:64 scale cars. But, this is a car by car basis. I know for a fact the fiero is a fattie so it can fit on the track.

Of course, how the bug looks is a different story. I say paint it a solid color, get it some real rubber wheels, and it will look excellent, ;).