So let’s start with a sprained ankle after the snowstorm (thanks fellow NYers who don’t shovel their sidewalks), then a busted toe (thanks co-worker for not following safety first), then a massive head cold (thanks son for bringing home every germ from school), followed by the mother of it all...THE FLU (thanks disgusting NYers who don’t cover their mouths on the subway when coughing)!! I have not been that sick or that bedridden in years! That flu kicked my @$$!! Then let’s add in the mental stressors of the main drain pipe behind our kitchen wall cracking and having to be emergency repaired because it was leaking into the apartment below us. So cabinets were taken off the kitchen wall, a hole about 3ft by 2ft was cut into the sheetrock and 4ft lentgh of 3inch drain pipe was replaced. A third of my apartment looked like a bomb went off, a third looked like a crazy hoarders living room and the rest was our bedrooms thankfully unscathed. But that’s not all folks...3 days later one of our bathrooms began having drainage problems in the sink and eventually started to backup to the point of flooding the bathroom. More emergency work...tiles ripped off wall, disgusting drain pipe inside wall replaced and everything put back together. So yeah, January kinda sucked! But the good news is February started with my birthday on the 1st and I received two goodies worth sharing. First from my son got me not one but two ‘69 Dodge Charger Daytonas from the Retro Series:

And the Mrs. met me after work on my birthday and I managed to drag her into TRUs for a quick peek before going to dinner. After seeing me drooling over this she added it to my gift bag:


Anyway that’s it for now. I hope to get the rest of the apartment back together this week and get my little corner where I shoot up and running again. Until then I hope you enjoyed and thanks for viewing!