Big things with little cars

Isuzu Saturday? (Try to say that three times fast) IsuzusaturdayIsuzusaturdayIsuzusaturday!

I have quite a few diecast cars here on my computer desk. This Isuzu Vehicross is one of my all time favorites. The sunlight was reflecting just right on the silver glitter paint. So, I had to snap some updated pics of this fine machine.

I have very few “rules” that I try to abide by when diecast shopping at antique malls and yard sales.

Rule #1 is always: No Isuzu left behind.

Oh... btw... I am off to TJMaxx in hunt of the rumored Majorettes. I proposed the idea to my wife and she’s totally cool with driving 40 mins to the nearest TJMaxx in hopes of finding toy cars. She gets to shop for clothes. It’s a win-win.


This could be the best thing that ever happened to Married LaLD’ers.


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