Big things with little cars

It Begins...

New workbenches for my new diecast area are in progress. I had to add spacers to the bottom after this shot as I guessed wrong on the height of my new stool. I’d also be further along if the sheet of sanded plywood I bought for the top didn’t turn out to be far from smooth. I’m on round two of puttying and sanding to get it reasonably smooth.

There is a small finished room in the basement of our new house that is going to be dedicated to my partner and I’s“slightly messy” hobbies (diecasts, leather working, etc.)


I’ve got new plugs and lights to wire up in the room, and need to figure out where all my supplies/donors/etc. are going to go. Soon I’ll also be building a small paint booth with extractor fan so I can paint inside without stinking up the house.

I’ve very excited to get back to my diecasts, even if higher-priority house tasks means it may still be a while before I actually get it all setup and working.

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