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It has been a long while

Just a little short of a year actually. I’ve lurked and made a few hweps here and there. Basically, I got tired of prepping and taking pics and so I took a break. But, it’s been some time and I figured I should give an update on how my focus has changed. I used to have a Pokemon attitude with the Hot Wheels Mustangs and that proved to be a bit of a pain. But then I started collecting what I liked and that got way out of hand. So I started concentrating on quality instead of quantity and so HW took a back seat to the likes of GreenLight, M2 and AutoWorld. This too had it’s own set of collecting problems with higher prices, in AW’s case, a lack of variety and availability, but also avoided getting every single one of everything.

I’ve stopped buying Hot Wheels. Well, I’ll clarify the lie in that statement momentarily. I’ve stopped actively hunting for chases in that I don’t go out to specifically hunt for them. I look for new stuff, like the Team Transports and Car Culture, which leads to me possibly stopping that altogether as well. For some reason, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, there are a plethora of “collectors” here. And for some other reason, the toy department managers at several of the box stores around me don’t know how to properly stock their shelves with a good flow of product from the warehouses. This leads to a severe lack of stuff for me to buy. I have the Original Crew F&F set. I have still not seen it on the pegs though as I had a buddy grab it for me if he found it, which he did. Which leads me to the lie I mentioned.


Thanks to first, Plasticprints II, also, VdubyaJohn and finally a few people on Instagram, I have switched focus to buying old Hot Wheels. Namely, Redlines and Blackwall era cars. I find the hunt for these treasures to be far more fun for me than finding Super Treasure Hunts. I actually won’t burden you all with a ton of pics but an overall idea of what I’ve got. This is definitely not all of them as I have vintage cases and a couple of playsets as well. Enjoy!

Ffirst, the Redlines


And the Blackwalls, including The Hot Ones and Ultra Hots as well as Real Riders


And vintage Matchbox


Ad some recent finds that have to be put into the displays somewhere...


One other thing Plasticprints II got me into was Tomica Limited Vintage, but that's for another day.

Thanks for looking!

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