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It looks weird now

I was dissecting the Jada 1/24 Ford COE last night. I thought it looked interesting/weird without the bed to transport the car. Also, this diecast is well built, just like the 1BadRide S-10.

Some history, shop-teacher gave me three 1/24 cars on the condition I customize them. Actually, it was a more like a pinkie swear and a fist bump (or was that in my head?). So I’m currently dissecting the castings to see what I need to do. You already saw the nearly complete Corvette earlier, and the S-10 was seen yesterday.


The trickiest part of dissecting a diecast, IMHO, is the glass. The plastic is made to bend, but not too much. I usually use a thin flathead screwdriver to remove it, but the COE and the S-10 are different, they are practically bolted on. So it’s a interesting challenge.

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