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It’s been a while...Recent Hawls

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post on here life has been super crazy. I got laid off and then rehired in another position with my company all in 3 days and now I’m working a lot more hours. I have though had a little time to go hunting and shopping for some good things. I’ve been on the hunt for the new Fast and Furious off road set since I heard they were hitting the stores. I still haven’t found them but I did find some other goodies, AutoWorld square body chevy’s, corvette and the M2 Camaro hauler and a M2 chase Dodge A100. 


A local collector is clearing out some of his collection. I was finally able to add the Camaro STH, pizza planet trucks and the borla square body to the collection.

Lastly, I found a guy on Instagram selling the newest team transport case for a deal so I jumped on it. Oh, man are they sweet. The details on the Jag and the Ford are amazing. Pictures don’t do them justice they look incredible in person.


Can’t forget the Hot Wheels ID Lamborghini Miura. This is the only ID car I’ve purchased because it looks amazing.

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