Big things with little cars

It Was A Good Day, All Things Considered...

I went to my local *hobby* shop, which is really an RC enthusiast shop that has a couple things for other hobbyists, looking to check out their sheet lexan. I need some plastic for some parts I want to fabricate. The poor woman behind the counter, a part timer, got all flustered trying to help me, she had to call her husband for every question I asked. I wandered around the store while she was conversing. They have diecast, but always the same stuff as last time. I noticed more HWs than usual, and even though they charge exactly twice the walmart price, I took a never knows, do one?

WooHoo! A $uper TH Porsche! Either they don’t know to look for these, or they are REALLY only focused on radio control in that shop. Needless to say, I gladly paid the almost $2 price on this one. I’ll pick up the mainline 993 somewhere else, thank you...


When I came back into town, I stopped at the grocery store for a couple of prescriptions and a few other things. At the deli counter, where you have to take a number and wait your turn, I let this little old lady take one first, pulled mine next, and it was stamped HOORAY! on it. I won $5 worth of cold-cuts! Like a gentleman, I did NOT let the little old lady know that I won. If I had been in a hurry or not paying attention to who was around me, that would have been her number. (Am I going to hell?)

So, I head over to the pharmacy, cutting down the aisle that has their huge (not huge, really...) toys & diecast section, and I see the HWs VW 5 pack with the RoofRackRatRod Beetle! Not just one, but to keep in the package, one to open! And, to top it all, they were on sale for $3.99! This is the store that gets mainline cars months and months after they’ve come and gone from the walmarts and TRUs of the area, so, not bad at all.

I already have the *regular* VW 5 pack, so now I have even more unloved water cooled VWs to get rid of trade.
I picked up my scripts and headed for the register, start bagging my groceries as they came through, and I look at the screen and notice I was charged $5.99 each for the 5 packs, so I brought it to the cashier’s attention, she had to call over the supervisor, blah, blah, blah. Because it rang up wrong, I got one for FREE!
I’m thinking, I’d better play the lottery or something, jokingly of course, as one does, but I see an old friend of the family who just happens to live a few blocks from me. We chat while she’s waiting her turn, and she says, “Oh, here, I was going to drop this off to you.” and she hands me a power ball ticket!
If this day can get any better, I don’t know how. But, I could surely use more days like it in my life!


Good luck, everyone!

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