It's all in the details...

Seems the specific details of this Saturday’s Collector Experience at Target are out, and the apparent confusion of whether it starts at 10am or 11am is now solved.

Orange Track Diecast updated their page on the event today with the details, as follow:

  • Saturday, June 16 10AM to NOON
  • This is a 50th Anniversary Event - Will cater to both kids and collectors
  • Kids Event will consist of 4 stations around the store - Station 1 will be at the front of the store where there will be a dump bin and an employee handing out a free car to each kid and event map to guests and telling them about the event - Station 2 will be in toys: kids will be given a sticker sheet to decorate their free hot wheels - Station 3 also in toys: kids will play a guessing game of which decade a car is from - Station 4 also in toys: kids will be able to race their free car on a track
  • Collector Event starts at 11AM. Collectors will line up at electronics where they will have the opportunity to purchase “a limited number of never-before-seen” hot wheels. There will be 3 or 4 cases of cars available to collectors. Along with the dump bin at front of store and a large roller display of cars which looks like a 4-sided wall hanging display.

So, that means that for us collectors, the event we’re looking to go to DOES start at 11am, but I’m sure some of you who have kids will be getting there before 10am for that portion. It’s always good to share the hobby with the younger generation, and this is the perfect event to do it at.

Also, as you can see above, there’s gonna be a dump bin. That’s something EXTREMELY rare at Target. I’ll be sure to dig in when I get the chance. Who knows what’s gonna be in there. Plus a 4-sided display.


Cases are gonna be limited, though. Seems that only 3 or 4 will be up for opening and pulling from, though these might be full 72 car cases instead of Kday’s 36 car cases.

Either way, looking forward to the event.

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