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It's been a busy few weeks... Project RX7 1:1 Doppelganger. A labor of love <3

It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks. I finally took some time to finish up my RX7 Resto-Mod project. I’ve always wanted a diecast version of my 1:1 Rotary wonder. The 5 spoke matchbox wheels are pretty similar to my RS Ricochet rims with low profile Falkens mounted on them. I painted the interior grey to match the stock interior (which is fully removed from the car at the moment... but whatev.) The seats are white with black sides to match the wanna-be-racer seats that I mounted. The steering wheel is a leather wrapped momo racing wheel. The turbo scoop is a lie though... mine is the NA version. It’s also an automatic... SHAME!!! Oh well. Overall, I am really happy how this project turned out. While I was taking the pics I noticed that I didn’t paint the flash-to-pass lenses. So, I will have to add that detail later.

Thanks for looking!


For those curious... This is how the project started. The original cast was pretty beat up. But, the detail underneath the thick paint is pretty amazing.

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