And now, I have 9 cars. I need a raise.

April 8 was fairly surprising, mostly because I didn’t expect to see two out of the three. The flatbed T2 is fairly common, but the Defender was something of an anomaly when I first came across it, and the Huracan was buried deep in the pegs.

Jump to a few weeks later, I watched Infinity War (which ruled), but before that, I bought cars, as you would. The 917LH was all over the pegs, much to my surprise, while the 720S was the last stock in the adjacent mall, and was never found since.

This recent trip, however, was unreal. For one, they actually released both the Tomica Huracan Performante and Lotus 3-Eleven, but only took the Huracan. The easy choice. The only easy choice.

Because I went to this place after a recommendation by some Redditors that some rare, old stock can be found here.


I got to the third floor. They were right. So, so right.


This particular store had what looked like all of the rare Tomica, which prices ranging from expensive to Top %0.001, which is a shame because there’s lots of great stock. I didn’t take pictures of everything, though, because I went to another store to stress out on this.

See, this would have been easy if they were all retail-priced. They weren’t. Not at all. The Viper GTS-R is the only one priced closer to retail, and from there, the price tags just rocketed. It had a ceiling—Php350—but that was for the 6x6, the very first model I latched on to. And the Regular TH Fiesta was Php300. The rest were either Php250 or Php200, with the Renault being the only one dipping sub-Php100.


One of my biggest ordeals, it took me a whole hour losing my mind, counting my money, pulling up the calculator, and asking the saleswoman whether or not they had more stock of the new ones. Not the Lambo. Not the Renault. Not the 934. Not the 918. And then I found a silver F12. Closest to the one I want. This is even more difficult.

After much deliberation, the final four came down to two silver cars and two factory-liveried one-make cars (believe me, there were even more cars on that store that was making me and my billfold weak in the knees). I toyed with buying three of the four, but in the end I had to sacrifice the racers. Then regret hit me. Not because of the F12, but because I may have paid Php80 too many for the 918. I only had Php270 left. That could have been Php350.

But eh, I got a 918, a new F12, and a freakin’ Huracan baby!