But I like it too :D

He’s almost two and loves cars and things that are interactive. So this is a perfect present. I’ll do a review, because why not?

Its a Little Tikes touch n go car. Has various touch sensors that make the horn honk, rev the engine, unlock the car (car vibrates), and a go button that makes the car drive for 10 feet! Goes pretty fast too.

Also availablee in other models. I love the green car, but haven’t seen one. I seen the police car, but the lightbar doesn’t light up. If I find one for a low price I’ll modify it.


I removed it from the packaging so he can get to play with it faster. We know how frustrating it is with those wire twistys :)


There’s no actual buttons on the car. Its touch sensors. Engine revs up well,  sounds like a V6 maybe a Nissan 350z engine. Has a rough idle as the car shakes back and fourth :P

The metallic blue plastic is nice. Looks like it would be painted.


Nice quad exhaust and air diffuser. I’d buy a 1:1 scale ;D

Sleek underside. Speaker is in the front as it makes the car Front engine rear wheel drive. 


The size compared to Hot Wheels and 1:18