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It's That Time Again...

HWEP time!

Apologies for the delay to those of you whom I’ve expressed interest in your items. I wanted to get this post up last week but I got immersed in a bunch of other stuff. Anyways, take a look above and below and see if there’s anything you want. My trade pile really hasn’t changed much since last time, to be honest.


Once again, I’m open to just about anything in 1/64, and I’m missing a lot of the more recent “hot” releases, both HW and MBX. Also, U.S. only!


I’m not sure if anyone here collects Siku, but I’m considering getting rid of them, as the scale doesn’t quite fit the collection. If there’s any interest (and I preferably would want you to take most, if not all, at once), I’m willing to let them go. They’re nice models, but again, scale problems.

Siku (back two rows, minus the G55 AMG)

If anything’s not clear, just ask! Thanks!

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