Big things with little cars

I've been lazy about posting and here's some of my favourite HW/MBs

I’ve been bad about not posting here, but now that I’m fully dedicated to collecting again (went back and forth a lot about not doing it anymore), I’ll be posting on a regular basis.

I’m still buying UT/AutoArt 1/18th scale cars and flipping most of them, but due to space and budget, it doesn’t happen that frequently. Luckily, I live in a place where we have a grocery store (Fred Meyer) that is stocked to the brim with Hot Wheels and Matchbox. I’m more of an MB guy, but HW has so many Porsches that I’m starting to switch sides.


In any event, here’s what I had displayed in my old home office (we moved and I haven’t hung these up yet next to my bed). Enjoy!

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