Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
Illustration for article titled Ive Been Remiss, And Im Not HWEPpy About It

I’ve been a bit lacking on keeping up with HWEPs, both in acknowledging them, and sending my end out in a timely fashion.
I’m getting caught up on the sending out part, in fact, I’m not arranging any new ones until I get these taken care of, even if it means missing out.
Going forward, I’ll be using a color coded spreadsheet to keep track of the comings and goings. Apologies...


Edit: I’ll be taking some photos of the HWEPs I’ve received and thanking each of you individually; you know who you are..., and soon everyone else will too! Thanks!

Edit#2: To anyone I’ve even discussed a HWEP with, I’d still like to complete it, even if I’ve just stated that I’d like what you had. I’m not backing out of anything, just not starting anything until I fulfill my current obligations. Thanks again! (last edit, good night...zzzz) 

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