Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Sorry for the potato-quality pic...

I wandered into my local Walmart today, expecting little as I pretty much do every day, and was stunned to find a whole new dump bin overflowing with Q-case and Bond cars. I wasn’t the first, as a number of cars were laid out in rows on top having been sorted through already, but there was some great stuff left.


The Real Riders were all found by my awesome girlfriend in a Target that she randomly decided to stop in. What luck!

Also found a 2013 Treasure Hunt Challenger Drift Car, presumably in a pile of older cars someone had returned to the Walmart. I don’t think they were paying attention to what they returned.


The 2000GT roadster is making an appearance due to the incredible luck I had that day as well.

I just liked the orange Mad Manga and Haulinator.

Edit:. To those wondering, the spare 2000GT is promised to BoxerFanatic.

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