I've made things. Let me show you them.

It has been a long time since my last post. About 5 models ago. But while I was gone I bought a sweet display case. A house. In that house, with the permission of my wife, my 1/20 and 1/43 collection gets to sit out on display in some prominent locations. Let me show you.

The header pic is the most recent one I completed. 1/20 Tamiya Leyton House March 901. I made some big mistakes on it, which is why the engine cover isn’t actually on (won’t fit), so some day I’ll give it another try. For some reason I do well with the first model of the year and each one progressively has more mistakes until I put them away in the summer. Ergo, the Lotus below turned out really well.


What I’m more happy about is the IKEA TV stand on which it resides, along with all the others I’ve completed. Some how my wife puts up with racecar stuff under the TV, but I won’t question it.

The important bit........the case. I was in full blown IKEA-master mode by the time the TV stand/display was purchased. It is a standard cabin, but the divisions, shelving, and doors were all flat-pack-a-la-carte. Instead of a single box with step-by-step instructions I thought the most painful method possible sounded enjoyable. 8 boxes, independent hardware, and no instructions. Oh and quick tip; those IKEA shopping carts, the rear panel by where the push handle is, isn’t locked in place and anything in your cart can spontaneous collapse this panel and directly onto your feet. Load your cart with caution.


Once complete I tacked on a run of LED strip lighting to light the whole display up. It is currently run in series and suffers a steady dimming across it’s length. In the future I’ll be rewiring the left/right division in parallel so the lighting is more consistent.

The day of completion. Next time I’ll take better care as to what is on in the background. No one cares about House Hunters.


And as it currently sits.




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