I had picked this one up a few years ago lose not knowing it’s a “rare” example of this casting.


Probably scratching you head on how is this a “rare” version of this truck when you can find others on the pegs. Well this is the only 1:64th scale version that isn’t super jacked up. It was exclusive to the Jada 5 deep 5 pack that also had the only example of the Ford F-350 that also wasn’t jacked up

Imagine from an eBay sell


It also had stock height Hummer H1 and Bronco that were only seen in the short lived “for sale” series. The Ford, Nissan, hummer, and Bronco hardly show up lose from this set and the complete sets will set you back to at least 50-60 buck when they are listed and have even gone higher at times all depends on who’s looking and willing to spend the most.

The only draw back is the rims they look like ATV rims on this massive truck I guess it’s got enough grip for rock crawling lol.