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Jaguar E-Type Lightweight by AutoArt

Even now at 24 years old, I’ve always felt that birthdays should bring a big gift, something special that you can look back upon. Unfortunately, a lot of my friends and family don’t share that sentiment, so I have to be the one to provide it for myself. Nevertheless, this year, I decided to go for a nice new AutoArt model, and after some long deliberation between a few of the newer models, such as the DB11 and the Chiron, I decided instead for the jaw-droppingly beautiful E-Type Lightweight in British Racing Green.


In my life of diecast car collecting, never have I come across a model that makes me want to say, “This little model really has it all!” but this E-Type might change that sentiment quickly, because it truly does have everything a guy like me could ask for in a 1/18, starting off with the design.

The overall looks of the car in real life goes a lot into whether or not I want to purchase a model of a car. If it’s not beautiful, then it must have some sort of aesthetic quirk that interests me. As everyone knows, the E-Type definitely falls into the former category. It is sensational to look at, and luckily AutoArt does a great job at bringing those classic lines into a smaller scale such as this.


The detailing is the next greatest thing about this model. As is typical with AutoArt, the detailing is going to be a high point, but something about this Jag brings it up to the next level. Everything from the metalwork in the interior to the high-quality details of the engine bay, it’s got the full package, and is presented in show-stopping form. A true winner in this category.


And finally, there’s the quality. I, like many others, am skeptic of AutoArt’s move to composite modelmaking, as it seems like a cheap means of cutting down on costs to manufacture. I was fine with it on my Lexus LC500 model from earlier this year, but I still wasn’t 100% sold. But, I think I’m starting to come around to it. All things considered, yes, a metal model is preferred, but AutoArt has still found a way to make a composite (plastic, if you want to be a layman) model that doesn’t feel cheap and chintzy. So, it gets top marks from me.


It’s between all of those prior factors of design, quality, and detailing (plus the removable roof) that could make this E-Type my favorite model of the collection, finally usurping my Norev W116 Benz once and for all (though I still love it). I’d say it’s money well spent and a very, very happy birthday to myself. Luckily though, this wasn’t the only model I got for my big 24 this year, so stay tuned for more coming later this week (maybe).

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