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Japanese car, with an American flair.

The Debonair was designed by the former General Motors designer Hans S. Bretzner and the styling was “inspired” by the 1961 Lincoln Continental.The Mitsubishi Debonair was revealed at the 10th All-Japan Motor Show (which was later renamed the Tokyo Motor Show) in late 1963. Its appearance back then was described as “dignified”. The Debonair was powered at first by a 2 liter straight six which made 104 hp (respectable at the time) at 5000 RPM and had a top speed of 155 km/h (96 mph). It had a double-wishbone suspension at the front and a Leaf sprung solid rear axle for the entire 22 year-long production run.


The car was marketed as a Senior executive Luxury car and was used by senior-level executives of the Mitsubishi Group and companies that were affiliated with them. The Debonair was seen as a special purpose vehicle, and not marketed towards the general motoring public, so most likely you required “special connections” to even buy one.

This TLV casting (casting no LV-43a) was released back in March 2007, it’s of the 1965 model year (front grille is different to the ‘64) and retailed for 980 yen. Considering its age this casting could be released today and no one will bat an eye, it’s that good. No detail was missed except a Front license plate as those were included on castings past 2010. Oh but no suspension.

How will I rate it?
Quality: 9/10
Detail: 8/10
Value (secondary): If you get it for less than US$30 8/10
Accuracy: 9/10

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