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Japanese Lunchtime

My workplace is doing a huge renovation so parking is a huge pain in the booty. So, for about 2 months I have not gone on a lunchtime hunt until today. I was hoping to get lucky and find a Forza series Nissan Silvia. Instead, I found these cars.

The white Integra is part of the 2019 A case. It was the only JDM car left behind by the previous collector/scalper/hoarder. I also saw 1 off-road Unimog but left it behind even though it did look pretty cool.


The Xterra is pretty sweet.

I found this Modifiers Integra at Hobby Town USA. How friggin cool!!!!! It was only $4. The ones I’m seeing on eBay right now are ridiculously expensive.


Hopefully I’ll find a Nissan Silvia after work. I know the series is out where I live because I’ve seen the other cars at about 5 Walmarts but the Silvia was always missing.

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