So when I first started to customize I would just take pics with different backdrops in my homemade lightbox. That soon got boring so I began looking for prebuilt Dioramas online. I found quite a few, all fairly cheap. The ones I have in my showcase below were around 20$ each shipped from Japan (cardboard backdrops) and about 50$ for the parking lot. Now mind you I got this parking lot about 2 years ago. They are now selling for over 150$! Crazyness! Due to this increase I began to make my own which I will slowly show as I take pics with them. I now love dioramas. They give more life to these little cars.

The pics below are all customs done by me. All JDM models with one “Waldo” thats easy to find. The ‘62 is by far my favorite casting to custom. Hope you enjoy.