Big things with little cars

JDM Super

I work near downtown Dallas. Outside my office building is a train station. On the other side of the tracks are multi-million dollar mansions. This enclave is named Highland Park and ranked 4th most affluent areas in Dallas.....but you couldn’t pay me to live there. They call this place “The Bubble” and it’s where the 1 percenters live. On my side where I work is.....well....very ghetto. You could say I’m literally on the wrong side of the tracks. Panhandlers everywhere! Crazy mumbling people hanging around the station. People getting into fights in the Office Depot parking lot across the street.

Down the road is an extremely ghetto Walmart that I rarely go to but today I had a calling.


It was right there in front! I see people post about finding a super in front on the pegs and it aways seemed staged but there I was, staring in disbelief at what was in front of me.

The Walmart was a mess. The other cards were in bad condition. My super, however, is pristine. I think someone purposely left this where it was so the next person could find it.

Thievery is rampant here.


I absolutely hate going to this Walmart but glad that I did today.

I saw these Gulf GT40. The dark blue one probably looks nice next to the HW Gulf McLaren.


I’m happy about my Super. And I’m more happy I survived Walmart in the hood.

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