Big things with little cars

Je ne peux pas croire que je les ai trouvés dans un grand magasin.

Pardon my Google-French, but there’s only one way I can write the headline for this two-car haul.

That’s right, TWO CITROËN DS3 WRC cars!!! And I didn’t even buy them online. Rather, it was a chance find while checking the whole toy section for any of the newer 2017 WRC models. I sighed because at least they aren’t out yet (cuts down my worries) but the whole rest of the rack is pedestrian...until I kept looking deeper into the pegboard.


Almost nothing can top these two now, especially Loeb’s kit, which is a variation I swear I thought I’d never find anywhere in Manila. But here they are. Bask at their glory, but not too much. Wait for them next week. 

<all those times I said Merci Twingo paid off>

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