Bought this Johnny Lightning that was supposed to be a gasser. However while the paintwork was great, all the details were wrong. As you can see, I reworked it into a proper gasser.

This was the original look. Stock hood, wide low-profile wheels, and lowered stance. Completely wrong for the classic gasser look.

So i ditched the hood, under which was a metalflake engine compartment with a stock V8. Is this some sort of poser gasser? That motor was ripped out and a new motor out of a stock car was fitted, then topped with the blower from another cast. The front bumper was cut away, and the frame painted black. Then some proper drag slicks were fitted out back, and some pizza-cutters were reworked to mount from below in the front. Lastly a set of side-pipes were fitted to let the new motor breath. And now i have a proper gasser.


With the number of classic drag cars i have, i really need to organize some races on the diorama. Also I need to source more slicks, as i finally used up my stash...