Was trawling eBay for possible hawls when I came across this seller who had 3 Playing Mantis era Johnny Lightning at $0.99, they weren't any bids and the auctions were going to end. So I thought I'd put a lot bid for the lulz thinking someone will beat me easily. Pardon the potatomato quality pics.

There was no contest (whoa!) and I was the winner. And here are the 3 JLs to add to my collection.

My first early model from JL, the proportions are way off but a nice piece to have. White lettered tires = mega win in my book.


MoPar Monday is lacking a truck, this Ram SS/T will change that.

This Nomad will be staying carded for prosperity reasons, since they're aren't made any more and the card is pretty good shape. A relic to remember a chapter in diecast history...


Bonus: While I waited for the box to reach me, I scooped a couple of Tomicas... :D