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Johnny Lightning Jeep Cherokee

It’s almost Monday. Duh.

This one was on my oh-so-I-want-but-not-that-much-want list.


It is another pretty good 4x4 from JL, well in line with the FJ40. As with the Cruiser, the 1998 Cherokee XJ has been released in multiple iterations and two variations; the stock version and the accessorized version. I prefer this one though. It’s pure JL; no - nonsense, well detailed and (somewhat) well put together.

This particular edition is apparently a limited edition, with only a claimed 2016 pieces produced. It comes from the JL Gold collection.

The rear windshield is a separate part, and was trying to pop out at times.

The car has a raised stance but that fits quite well with the demeanor of the machine, and props to JL for not overcooking it.


The only nag is the somewhat plain finish of the paintwork; it does not fit the feel the Jeep is trying to project.


Thanks for stopping by! Have a, er, great Monday ahead! 

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