Big things with little cars

Judgement Day?

Last night I teased my wife and made it look like her precious Maisto 1/64 corvette was on fire. This morning I found these guys, all lined up.


It gets better because she did this last night, and it took me a 10 whole minutes this morning to even notice they were there. It wasn't until I put my coffee next to them (pictured), that I saw a small army of 'vettes staring at me. A bunch of HWs cars and the token Jada.

For the record, when I said I didn't have corvettes; I meant JL, GL, AW, etc, lol. As you can see, I have plenty of 'vettes.*

* shop-teacher, fyi, the corvette you gave me migrated to the other end of the house (somehow). It's chilling at the computer, :).

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