Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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July haul (so far)

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I need to get back in the swing of this, as I've been quite remiss in posting hauls & trades. With that in mind, here is my July 2014 haul (so far). The 458, 4Runner and Cougar were picked up on a lunchtime trip to the wally mart. I never saw a stack-out bin of Hot Wheels and didn't really have time to walk the entire store looking for them, so this was the best I could find on the peghooks. I finally decided to pull the trigger on the MBX 4Runner, as I've seen it everytime I go looking and always put it back. Well...not anymore.


The back row was picked up at the local-est KMart to my work. I usually enjoy looking there, but it's getting tedious as their selection really isn't changing anymore. They didn't put out any of the 2014 exclusives until April or May, and the ones they did put out (white E30 M3s) are pretty much still in the same place as last time. The peghooks are full...just nothing I want.

...and then I saw their Cool Classics selection. So there went $12. That's right...I'm the dummy that pays $4 each for them. Whatever...I couldn't say no. I love the Cool Classics unconditionally.

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